CARS Owned and Operated Repeaters

2 Meters

146.82(-) PL 110.9Hz
The 146.82 repeater uses a 100 Watt amplifier and is located in Brecksville, Ohio. Both this and the 70 cm repeaters use the Arcom RC-210 controller.

70 Centimeters

443.825 (+) PL 131.8Hz
The 443.825 repeater uses a 100 Watt TAIT UHF repeater and an RLC-3 repeater
The repeater is located on a tower in Brecksville, Ohio.

444.75 (+)PL 131.8Hz
The 444.75 is a basic bare-bones repeater using a GE MVP radio. This repeater is located in Shaker Heights, Ohio.