CARS Scholarship Application


A scholarship application must be received by the CARS Scholarship Committee (CSC) on or before May 31st each year. On or before July 1st of each year, the CSC shall meet to determine two recipients from applications submitted for the CARS Scholarship award.

A $1,000 scholarship may be awarded to any CARS member, son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter who is graduating or has graduated high school, received a GED or successfully passed home schooled high school certification.

This will be a one time only award, once an award has been received you can not apply again. If something happens and your going to school is delayed a year you can refuse the award and apply again the next year.

A CARS check will be issued to the recipient upon submission of successful enrollment in any certified continuing vocational education program, 2 year or 4 year college program or other appropriate accredited school. Checks will be issued in both the name of the recipient and the school that he or she will be attending.

Awards will be distributed to the winners at the July CARS meeting each year if possible.

A non-recipient may submit their name again for consideration in the next year.


To apply for the CARS Scholarship, complete the scholarip application on below. In addition to filling out the required fields, applicants must upload the following items:

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